Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Beginning of an inquiry.....The Puffer Fish

My oldest son also happens to be one of our high school helpers in our kindergarten classroom first thing in the mornings.  Recently we read a book about Puffer Fish while my son was working with some of my students. I told the kids that he had a Puffer Fish (mummified) that he got on vacation one year and maybe he could bring it in. Total excitement! son forgot to bring it in the next day.

Of course this was my fault. If you have teenagers you know what I mean.

However, he did remember today and once again total excitement from 22 Kindergartners!

Today I wanted to let them have opportunities to observe the Puffer Fish and develop questions about this creature.  They also LOVED watching videos of real Puffer Fish puff up as they were writing about our model. 

Stay tuned for updates on their observations and wonderings.  I can't wait to see where they go with this topic!


  1. Using lesser-known fish species is a good way to educate the kids on marine life. Liking this technique very much. Wish more teachers will be this innovatively nurturing. - Layce of


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