Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Giving Birth

A wise former Kindergarten teacher recently said "You know....teaching Kindergarten during the first six weeks of school is like giving birth. If you really remembered at the end of each year how difficult (sometimes painful) those first weeks are you would never do it again." Luckily those of us that truly love teaching Kindergarten have selective memories and we tend to push aside those challenging memories and focus on the magic that begins to happen after the first six weeks.  If you are a Kindergarten teacher you know E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what I am talking about. 

Today was the beginning of my selective amnesia for this year.  

I was finally able to take a breath, stand back and really see the beauty and wonder of what has been happening in my classroom during these early days.  

We HAVE accomplished so much in such a short time span that it almost seems painless now (almost!)

Below is a sampling of how our classroom and activities have evolved so far this year.  I look forward to sharing more as the year progresses but for now I'm enjoying a little peace after a day that went very smoothly in our classroom. 

One of our inquiry/science centers.  So far this year we have observed shells, rocks and last year's bird nests.   Today apples and gourds were added. 

Some very basic math tubs to get us moving on counting, sorting and number recognition.  

The smarties in our room are beginning to shine!  We are buttering popcorn words and are sequencing sentence strips!

My favorite area of our room....our art area.  It's almost always quiet and tranquil in this area as the kids begin to explore the materials.  

Above you can see some apple paintings that a few have started.  Below are some of our apple orchard representations they have been constructing.  

We have a morning center time and an afternoon center time.  I do allow block structures to stay up during the day (after morning centers) for children to add to and re-configure.  

Thank you for reading! I've enjoyed reading the many back to school blogs, classroom reveals and early literacy / math center posts by my favorite bloggers! I hope to be contributing a little more regularly to the blogging world and sharing the amazing things that happen in our that I've seem to have remembered how to blog and have forgotten those beginning of Kindergarten challenges! =)

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