Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What are we interested in now? Fall Leaves

Fall is such a fun time in a Kindergarten room! Although we've been collecting Fall leaves for a couple of weeks the trees in our area are just now starting to burst with color.  Naturally this has caught the children's attention and they are becoming more interested in investigating Fall leaves.  
Here's a sampling of what we could work on today that involved the study of leaves.  Pictured above are leaf rub templates. You could also use real leaves for this of course (and we still may and then compare they types of rubs.)  The plastic version is nice for kiddos who have never tried this before. They've held up well over the past ten years or so!
Studying the veins in leaves at the light table is always one of my favorites! When they walked in the room and saw the leaves and how you could really see the details through the light they were so excited.  I'll share their work samples soon of their observations but I was very excited about the amount of detail the kids were including in their drawings.

"Before and After" of a community project in the art area today.  After our first work time in the morning we had just a few colors and leaves on the paper.  After a class discussion on veins and leaves I had several go back to the drawing and add the veins.  The X's you see on the leaves are the veins. 
As we ended our day today several kids were still writing about leaves and working on the gourd observation from yesterday.  We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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