Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Exploring the Sunflowers!

Sunflowers! I love them but never seem to grow them myself at home. I've been fortunate for the last two years to have buddies share some with my class. Last year a co-worker shared a HUGE sunflower with our class.  We observed, poked and prodded this poor sunflower for several months! Eventually all of the seeds fell out and we then observed the seeds and used them as math counters. Above last year's seeds are pictured with this year's sunflowers.   

This year I eagerly awaited the arrival of the huge sunflower. I couldn't wait to put this out for the kids to investigate! my co-worker and myself opened the tub she had them in we discovered they were very moldy, stinky and disgusting. 

Imagine my delight when I walked into our office one morning and one of our wonderful principals put two BUCKETS of sunflowers out for the staff to take and enjoy. Just to brighten our day. =)  So I very happily carted off two of them to our science inquiry area. 

Below you can see some of our wonderful observations and creations all focused on the beautiful sunflowers!

Playdoh sunflower observations

This is one of our favorite books about sunflowers.  In it the boy builds a sunflower house by planting his seeds in a circle.  Below you can see one of our own sunflower house creations that was constructed in the block area. 

"The sunflowers can dance."

Some of our many sunflower observations
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