Monday, December 22, 2014

This and That....December in Room 144

December in Kindergarten can be magical! We have had so much fun this month! From our Elf Zippy keeping and eye on us to creating some wonderful pieces of work together.  Take a peek at what we have been working on this month....I hope you enjoy!
Merry Christmas!
I love to read the book Christmas Lights (pictured above) with my kids. We discuss all of the various lights that we see around our town.  Many choose to draw some representations of lights from our area while others chose to create 3-D versions of them on our light table. 

In the picture above you can see our reindeer inquiry table. We've had fun writing about what we wonder about reindeer, researching facts and observing a deer antler.  Below is our board of our reindeer investigations we created.

Pinecones are always part of our block building area.  However, this month we have taken a special interest in them. The children have weighed them, sorted them, compared them, counted them, written about them and have drawn observations of the many pinecones we have in our room. 

North Pole Fun
A favorite topic for our block area has been building North Pole representations.  Below you can see a "plan" that was made for the block area.  Although not pictured we also have North Pole word lists and books available for the children to use as a reference when planning their structures. 

At the painting easel I left up one piece of paper each day and asked the kids to decide what should be painted.  On this day they wanted to paint a Christmas tree.  One student started the tree, but as the day progressed other children added ornaments and decorations.  

Our Post Office
Our post office just recently opened up this year.  For now we have been making Christmas cards for our principals and special class teachers. 

 Merry Christmas from room 144!
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