Friday, March 13, 2015

Student Created Vet's Office

My kids absolutely love their dramatic play area this year. We started off the year with just plain old housekeeping.  As I attempted to integrate more literacy and math into this center it began to take off in a completely different direction.  So far this year we have turned our housekeeping center into a space station and a weather station.  Once the interest in the weather started to slow down we began brainstorming other ideas for the area.  As you can see from our chart above they overwhelmingly voted for a VET'S OFFICE.

Of course the kids could "just play" vet's office in this area. However, I asked them to begin by planning the details of the office first.  So all this week they have worked busily in groups to make lists of needed materials, required jobs and even office designs! 

The office designers each gave reports to the class on the details of their design.  The one farthest to the right even labeled the shelves and medicine.  At the bottom it says "The vet is getting medicine for the dog."

As we brainstormed various jobs we kept coming back to SHOTS!  They are still currently in the process of deciding what materials in our room could be used as the shots for the dogs!

 So we have the necessary cages, water bowls and even the dreaded 'SHOT  TABLE!" 

 I have one little one that kept insisting that we needed an office for someone to be able to make appointments for their pet. Above is the result of that suggestion.  Today was our first day with our newly opened vet office.  Several are working on signs to advertise our office, creating money for the register and a few are also working on art work for the dogs to keep them happy! I can't wait to see what fun they will have next week once more kiddos are able to join in on the fun!
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