Monday, October 19, 2015

9 1/2 weeks to set up a classroom? Here is the end result....our classroom reveal!

9 1/2 weeks to set up my classroom was NOT the original plan.  Originally we thought we'd have a few weeks over the summer to get our rooms in our new Kindergarten center all ready to go for the very first day. Well due to lots and lots of rain we were postponed. A lot.  The week before school was to start we got the go ahead to set up but there was a electricity. That also meant NO AIR CONDITIONING! It was over 90. Yuck.  

Thanks to my family and friends my classroom was ready to go in time. However, there was a glitch with the construction process and the first day of school in our new center was not meant to be in August. Move on to setting up a temporary room in our main building and going ahead with the first day like any other year.  

There were lots of teacher tears and frustration when we first got the news but we put our best faces forward and had a great beginning to the new school year. We were able to tell our kiddos all about our new rooms and even turn it into a great learning experience. We observed the digging and pouring of our new sidewalks, we mapped what we thought our new room would look like and we even made predictions about when our first day would be.  

One positive that came out of this whole experience was that I had the opportunity to really plan out exactly how I wanted my room to look and function.  Below you will find the finished product of 9 1/2 weeks of planning.  Everything has a place and a purpose.  I've purged the unnecessary items and kept only what will be meaningful to our learning experiences in our room. Great storage also means that a lot of the "teacher stuff" that can sometimes look  a little cluttered can be hidden away.  Since this is only our first day you wont find student work displayed just yet but it will soon be making it's appearance! 

So .... here is our new "home!" 

Our "art studio."  We began today by working on self portraits for the tree you see as you enter our room and leaf rubbings for our tree that is on top of the table. 

Our construction area. We recently went to a pumpkin patch and on the table you can see the work of two students who created their own pumpkin patch. 

One of our inquiry spaces

 Another Discovery Area


Our alphabet wall and lockers. My class from last year made the alphabet projects as a present for my class this year. 

The numbers above our sensory area is another gift from my class last year. 

Our Meeting and Reading Area

Back to our entrance and mail area.

It took quite a while to get here but we are so glad to be in our new home! Thanks for visiting!

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