Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Creating a Christmas Light Park

After settling into our new room just a mere six weeks ago we are becoming very at home in our new environment.  It took some time for the kids to become comfortable and learn where everything is at...just as it would in any new kindergarten room in August.  We've had lots of time to explore and experiment with all of the materials that were not available to us in our temporary classroom.  

As their creativity began to flourish I've noticed a theme happening in our block area and art studio, Christmas lights seemed to be popping up everywhere!  Below you can see the steps my class took to create their light park themed block center...hope you enjoy!

 Planning the Light Park
We began the planning process by listing what we already knew about light parks and what we would like to see in our own version of a light park. We were able to find books and pictures to help us with our ideas. 

On the two plans below there was a difference in opinion....One little guy really felt that the park should be one that visitors WALK through instead of driving through.  He even labeled his parking spots.  The other friend really felt like it should be a DRIVE through light park.  I love the faces on his drivers!  After some discussion they decided that part of the park could be for driving and part of the park could be for walking. 

Once our plans were made they were displayed for those working on constructing the light park to consult during the building process. 

Building the Light Park
Once the plans were completed the kids were so excited to start building.  I strung lots of lights from the ceiling for them (they had requested a tunnel) and let them proceed with our light table blocks, the overhead and our regular block materials. 

The beauty of creating a light park in our block area is that it can expand and change each day depending on who is working there.  They are looking forward to adding quite a bit to the park before we leave on our Christmas break. For those of you who are class last year also showed a bit of an interest in light parks and spent some time creating their own at our light table. 
 Merry Christmas! 

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